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Your complete directory of Missouri candidates for Governor, State Cabinet, United State Senator and Congress in the current election cycle ... state political parties ... the official state election office ... and state news sources.


Filing Deadline (D/R/L): March 26, 2024
Filing Deadline (Other Parties & Indep): July 29, 2024
Filing Deadline (Write-Ins): October 25, 2024
Primary: August 6, 2024
Bold = Active Candidate
Italics = Potential Candidate
* = Incumbent
won = Winner
(Incumbent Party Listed First)

This page was last updated on July 8, 2024


[ Mike Parson (R)* - Term-Limited in 2024. ]
Jay Ashcroft (R) - Secretary of State, Attorney & Engineer
Bill Eigel (R) - State Sen., Businessman & USAF Veteran
Darren Grant (R)
Jeremy Gundel (R) - '20 Lt Gov Candidate & '22 St Rep Candidate
Mike Kehoe (R) - Lt Governor, Ex-State Senate Majority Leader & Ex-Auto Dealer
Darrell McClanahan III (R) - Stay-Home Parent, KKK Member & '22 US Sen Candidate
Robert Olson (R) - Physician, Anti-Covid Vaccine Activist & '22 US Sen Candidate
Amber Thomsen (R) - Health Care Worker & '18 St Rep Candidate
Chris Wright (R) - Businessman, National Guardsman, Ex-Police Officer & Iraq War Veteran
Sheryl Gladney (D) - Customer Service Agent
Mike Hamra (D) - Businessman & Attorney
Hollis Laster (D)
Eric Morrison (D) - Pastor, Civil Rights Activist & '16/'20 Candidate
Crystal Quade (D) - State House Minority Leader & Ex-Congressional Aide
Bill Slantz (L) - Businessman & Frequent Candidate

Next State Constitutional Officer Elections in 2024.

Mel Carnahan

[ Mike Kehoe (R)* - Candidate for Governor in 2024. ]
Tim Baker (R) - Franklin County Clerk & Businessman
Paul Berry III (R) - Bail Bondsman, Community Activist & Frequent Candidate
Lincoln Hough (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Rancher
Matthew Porter (R) - Cloud Computing Company Owner & Community Activist
Holly Rehder (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Businesswoman
David Wasinger (R) - Attorney, Accountant & '18 State Auditor Candidate
Richard Brown (D) - State Rep. & Retired Teacher
Anastasia Sykes (R) - Licensed Professional Counselor
Ken Iverson (L) - Retired Software Engineer, Navy Veteran & '98 MN Sec of State Nominee

[ Jay Ashcroft (R)* - Candidate for Governor in 2024. ]
Mike Carter (R) - Ex-Municipal Judge, Attorney & '22 St Sen Candidate
Mary Elizabeth Coleman (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Ex-Arnold Councilwoman & Attorney
Jamie Corley (R) - Newsletter Publisher, Ex-Congressional Aide & Pro-Choice Activist
Valentina Gomez (R) - Real Estate Investor
Denny Hoskins (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Accountant
Dean Plocher (R) - House Speaker, Ex-Municipal Judge & Attorney
Shane Schoeller (R) - Greene County Clerk, Ex-State Rep & '12 Nominee
Adam Schwadron (R) - State Rep. & Carpet Cleaning Contractor
Haley Jacobson (D) - Grant Writer
Barbara Phifer (D) - State Rep. & Retired Pastor
Monique Williams (D) - Accountant & Auditor
Carl Herman Freese (L) - Retired Security Guard, '20 Nominee & '18 St Rep Nominee

Vivek Malek (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Tina Goodrick (R) - Conservatie Political Organizer & '18/'20 St Rep Candidate
Andrew Koenig (R) - State Sen., Ex-State Rep. & Businessman

Karan Pujji (R) - Management Consultant, Salesman & '18 St Rep Nominee
Lori Rook (R) - Attorney
Cody Smith (R) - State Rep. & Businessman
Mark Osmack (D) - Lobbyist, National Guard Officer, Afghan War Veteran & '18 US Rep Candidate
John Hartwig Jr. (L) - Accountant, Vietnam War Veteran & '22 St Auditor Nominee

Andrew Bailey (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Will Scharf (R) - Attorney & Ex-Gubernatorial Aide

Elad Gross (D) - Attorney & '20 Candidate
Ryan Munro (L) - Attorney & Ex-Concrete Plant Manager

Mike Ferguson - Libertarian

Next State Auditor Election in 2026:

Scott Fitzpatrick (R)* - (Campaign Site)



State House ( Democratic Caucus - Republican Caucus )

State Senate
( Democratic Caucus - Republican Caucus )


Josh Hawley (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Mita Biswas (D) - National Guard Veteran
December Harmon (D) - Blue Collar Worker & Civil Rights Activist
Lucas Kunce (D) - Attorney, Iraq/Afghan War Veteran & '22 Candidate
Karla May (D) - State Sen. & Ex-State Rep.
Jared Young (B) - Businessman, Attorney & Community Activist
Doris Canaday (SEP) - Homeless Advocate

W.C. Young (I)

Jack Danforth for US Senator 1976

Eric Schmitt (R)* - (Campaign Site) - Next Election in 2028.


District 1:
Cori Bush (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Wesley Bell (D) - St Louis County Prosecutor & Ex-Ferguson City Councilman
Maria Chappelle-Nadal (D) - Ex-State Sen. & Ex-State Rep.

Ron Harshaw (D) - High School Football Coach & '22 Candidate
Tim Gartin (R) - Teacher, GOP Activist, '22 Recorder Candidate & '20 St Rep Candidate
Stan Hall (R) - Pastor
Mike Hebron (R) - Realtor, Community Activist & Frequent Candidate
Andrew Jones (R) - Energy Executive & Frequent Candidate
Laura Mitchell-Riley (R) - Christian Counselor & '22 Candidate
Blake Ashby (B) - Ex-Ferguson City Councilman, Businessman & '04 Pres Candidates
Rochelle Riggins (L)

District 2:
Ann Wagner (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Peter Pfeifer (R) - College Professor & '18 US Sen Candidate
Ray Hartmann (D) - Retired Journalist
Chuck Summers (D) - Plumber
Brandon Daugherty (L) - Hospitality Manager
Wesley Smith (I) - Afghan War Veteran, Ex-Republican & '22 Candidate

District 3:
[ Blaine Luetkemeyer (R)* - Retiring in 2024. ]
Chad Bicknell (R) - Salesman & '20 St Rep Candidate
Bruce Bowman (R) - Retired Army Lt Colonel, Ex-University Dean & Engineer
Kyle Bone (R) - Aerospace Manager & Navy Veteran
Arnie "AC" Dienoff (R) - Property Manager, Legal Consultant & Frequent Candidate
Justin Hicks (R) - State Rep., Attorney & Army Veteran

Bob Onder (R) - Ex-State Sen., Ex-State Rep., Physician & Attorney
Kurt Schaefer (R) - Ex-State Sen., Attorney, Lobbyist & '16 Atty Gen Candidate

Andrew Daly (D) -  Missouri School for the Deaf Activities Director & '22 Candidate
Bethany Mann (D) - Process Control Consultant, Saleswoman & '22 Nominee
Jordan Rowden (L) - Realtor

Wayne Cryts for Congress 1988

District 4:
Mark Alford (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Jeanette Cass (D) - Postal Worker, Ex-Factory Worker & Ex-Farmer
Mike McCaffree (D) - Nevada School Board Member & Real Estate Broker
Thomas Holbrook (L) - Maintenance Technician & '10/'12 Candidate

Alexander Heidenreich (I) - Self-Employed & Progressive Activist

District 5:
Emanuel Cleaver (D)* - (Campaign Site)
Sean Smith (R) - Jackson County Legislator & Businessman
Bill Wayne (L) - '22 St Rep Nominee

District 6:
Sam Graves (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Freddie Griffin Jr (R) - Machinery Operator
Brandon Kleinmeyer (R) - Tax Preparer & '22 Candidate
Weldon Woodward (R) - State Prison Guard, Laborer & '20 Candidate
Rich Gold (D) - Hotel Manager
Pam May (D) - Retired Legal Secretary & Community Activist
Andy Maidment (L) - Network Security Analyst, Retired Army Officer & '22 Nominee

Reagan-Carrie Francke for Congress

District 7:
Eric Burlison (R)* - (Campaign Site)
John Adair (R) - Insurance Claims Adjuster & Construction Consultant
Camille Lombard-Olive (R) - Retired Writer, MAGA Activist & Frequent Candidate
Audrey Richards (R) - Writer, Costume Maker, Ex-Federal Employee & '20/'22 Candidate
Missi Hesketh (D) - Forsyth Mayor & Teacher
Kevin Craig (L) - Christian Anarchist Group Founder & Frequent Candidate

District 8:
Jason Smith (R)* - (Campaign Site)
Grant Heithold (R) - Businessman & Engineer
James Snider (R) - Flooring Installer, Uber Driver & MAGA Activist
Randi McCallian (D) - Health Educator, '22 Nominee & '20 St Sen Candidate
F.D. "Denny" Roth (D) - Retired Truck Driver & Farmer
Jake Dawson (L)

Missouri Democatic Team 1988


Better Party (B)
Constitution Party of Missouri (C)
Missouri Democratic Party (D)
Missouri Green Party (G)
Missouri Libertarian Party (L)
Missouri Republican Party (R)
Socialist Equality Party (SEP)
Independent (I)
Write-In (WI)

US Senator Kit Bond 1986


Secretary of State's Office



Camdenton Lake Sun
Catholic Missourian
Columbia Daily Tribune
Columbia Missourian
Farmington Daily Press Leader
Hannibal Courier-Post
Independence Examiner
Joplin Globe
St. Louis County / St. Charles County Community News
Kansas City Beacon
Kansas City The Call (African-American)
Kansas City Dos Mundos (Spanish)
Kansas City Star
Kansas City Metro Voice News (Christian)
Laclede County Record
Missouri Independent
Missouri Scout
Missouri Times
Pitch Kansas City (Alternative)
Springfield Daily Citizen
Springfield News-Leader
St. Joseph News-Press
St. Louis American (African-American)
St. Louis Boom Magazine (LGBT)
St. Louis Jewish Light
St. Louis Post Dispatch
St. Louis Riverfront Times (Alternative)

Judge William Webster for Governor 1992

KMIZ TV-17 / KQFX TV-22 (ABC / FOX - Jefferson City)
KOMU TV-8 (NBC - Jefferson City)
KRCG TV-13 (CBS - Jefferson City)
KCPT TV-19 (PBS - Kansas City)
KCTV TV-5 (CBS - Kansas City)
WDAF TV-4 (FOX - Kansas City)
KMBC TV-9 (ABC - Kansas City)
KGKC TV-39 (Telemundo - Kansas City)
KSHB TV-41 (NBC - Kansas City)
KPLR TV-2 (FOX - St Louis)
KMOV TV-4 (CBS - St Louis)
KSDK TV-5 (NBC - St Louis)
KDNL TV-30 (ABC - St Louis)
KCUR Kansas City Public Radio (NPR)
St Louis Public Radio (NPR)
Radio Red Latina STL (Spanish)

Congressman Tom Coleman


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