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P2024: The 2024 Presidential Candidates

President Biden is eligible to seek re-election in 2024. A large crowd of candidates will certaiinly compete for the Republican nomination. Plus there are LOTS of likely third party and independent P2024 hopefuls. So, if a person is running, or thinking of running -- regardless of party, ballot status, or chances of winning -- we have him or her listed below. Incumbent party first, following by the main opposition party, then the third party candidates, and finally the independent and write-in hopefuls.

BOLD = Announced candidate (including filed exploratory candidates)
Italics = Potential Candidate


President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden (Delaware)


David Barnard (Florida)
Christopher Campbell (Pennsylvania)
Tristan Eggenberger (New Mexico)
William Gailey (Oregon)
Kevin Harding (District of Columbia)
Mikey Lane (Pennsylvania)
Lee Mercer (Texas)
Robert Moldafsky (Missouri)
Heather Munoz (California)
Isaiah Reid (Florida)
Lee Rhodes (New York)
Alix Christopher Toulme (Florida)
Trenita Walker (Missouri)
Jerome Segal (Maryland)
Thomas Winterbottom (Pennsylvania)


Greg Abbott

Governor Greg Abbott (Texas)

Liz Cheney

Congresswoman Liz Cheney (Wyoming)

Chris Christie

Former Governor Chris Christie (New Jersey)

Tom Cotton

US Senator Tom Cotton (Arkansas)

Ted Cruz

US Senator Ted Cruz (Texas)

Ron DeSantis

Governor Ron DeSantis (Florida)

Nikki Haley

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (South Carolina)

Larry Hogan

Governor Larry Hogan (Maryland)

Will Hurd

Former Congressman Will Hurd (Texas)

Asa Hutchinson

Governor Asa Hutchinson (Arkansas)

Adam Kinzinger

Congressman Adam Kinzinger (Illinois)

Kristi Noem

Governor Kristi Noem (South Dakota)

Robert O'Brien

Former National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien (California)

Joe Biden

Former Vice President Mike Pence (Indiana)

Mike Pompeo

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Kansas)

Marco Rubio

US Senator Marco Rubio (Florida)

Rick Scott

US Senator Rick Scott (Florida)

Tim Scott

US Senator Tim Scott (South Carolina)

Francis Suarez

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (Florida)

Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump (Florida)

Don Trump Jr.

Businessman Don Trump Jr. (New York)

Glenn Youngkin

Governor Glenn Youngkin (Virginia)


James Altucher (Florida)
Robert Bonner (Colorado)
Jessica Brown (Kentucky)
John Anthony Castro (Texas)
Christian Chandler (California)
Michael Curtis (Nebraska)
Richard Curtiss (New York)
Gerald Thomas DeFelice (Connecticut)

Rocky de la Fuente (California)

William Farms (Ohio)
Donald Faulknor (Florida)
James Firmani Jr. (Wisconsin)
Cherunda Fox (Michigan)
Stephen Glass (California)
Shmuel Goldstein (New York)
Brandon Gonce (South Carolina)
David Herz (Connecticut)
Cody Hoover (New Jersey)
Jeremy Kinman (Oklahoma)
Steven Kross (North Carolina)
Stefan Lowe (California)
Travis Maness (Tennessee)
James Meroney (Texas)
Marty Moss (Indiana
Jeremiah Newman (Virginia)
Cecilia Okugo (Texas)
James Peterson (Arizona)
Angela Redovian (Arizona)
Jon Rosen (California)
Shaun Savage (Oregon)
John Schiess (Wisconsin)
Samuel "Ike" Segal (Indiana)
Thomas Sheppard (Texas)
Kevin St. John (Ohio)
Ex-Secretary of State Corey Stapleton (Montana)
Liam Sutman (Ohio)
Justin Thompson (Nebraska)
Christopher Tillis (Florida)
Jesus Torres (Virginia)
Angela Marie Walls-Windhauser (Florida)
Dale Webb Jr. (Arizona)
Jeffrey Wiebens (California)
Reece Wright-McDonald (New York)



Rocky de la Fuente (California)


Brian Carroll (California)


Darrell Castle (Tennessee)
Scott Copeland (Texas)
Don Grundmann (California)
Colt Hample (Tennessee)
Charles Kraut (Virginia)
Sheila "Samm" Tittle (Virginia)


Robert Cooke (Texas)
Howie Hawkins (New York)

Matthew McGowan (Mississippi)

Robert Milnes (New Jersey)
Ian Schlakman (Maryland)

Jackie Tate (New York)
Randy Toler (Florida)

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura (California)
Angela Walker (South Carolina)


Brock Pierce (Puerto Rico)


Former Congressman Justin Amash (Michigan)
Aaron Avouris (Michigan)

Blake Ashby (Missouri)
Dan Behrman (Texas)
Spike Cohen (South Carolina)

Dave DeSilva (Arizona)
Keenan Dunham (South Carolina)
T.J. "Wolfman" Elgin (Connecticut)
Antonio Gagnon (Michigan)

Jacob Hornberger (Virginia)
Zoltan Istvan (California)
Adam Kokesh (Indiana)

Seymour Lee (Texas)
Beau Lindsey (Tennessee)
Lars Mapstead (California)
Robert Milnes (New Jersey)

Darryl Perry (New Hampshire)
John Phillips (Illinois)
Larry Sharpe (New York)
Vermin Supreme (New Hampshire)

Mike ter Maat (Florida)

Arvin Vohra (Maryland)


J.R. Myers (Montana)


Gloria LaRiva (California)


Candidates Not Yet Identified


Zack Kusnir (New York)


Elijah Manley (Florida)


Joseph Kishore (Michigan)


Alyson Kennedy (Texas)


Eric Bodenstab (Colorado)


Terrance Abraham (I-Texas)
Sorinne Ardeleanu (I-California)
David Bardol (WI-California)
Alycia Barnard (I-Florida)
Patrick Beck (WI-New Mexico)
Tamerlane Bey (I-Florida)
Nicholas Biller (I-California)
James Bills (I-Texas)
Eric "President R19" Boddie (I-Georgia)
Eric Bolin (I-Wisconsin)
Kelvin Brewton (I-Georgia)
John "Coach Bru"Brubaker (I-Maine)
Willita Bush (I-Missouri)
Amber Byers (I-Michigan)
Joseph "Jojo" Camp (I-Colorado)
Todd Cella (WI-Utah)
Robert Chapman (WI-Texas)
Diana Chika (I-Florida)
Andrew "Heartdoc" Chung (I-Georgia)
Michael Clark (I-Tennessee)
Amber Coker (WI-Tennessee)
Don Cordell (I-California)
Vincent Cordova Jr. (I-California)
Brian Cox (I-Nevada)
Kita Cutler (I-California)
John Daly (I-Colorado)
Irina D'Amato (I-California)
Khistina Deann (I-Texas)
Ernest Deering (I-Alaska)
Sam Dependahl (I-California)
Dennis Diaz (I-Connecticut)
Rico Dukes (American Independent Party-Texas)
Mitchell Ebata (I-Wisconsin)
T.J. Elgin (I-Connecticut)
Phillip Emerson (I-New York)
William Farms (I-Ohio)
Michael Floyd (I-Florida)
Wenona Gardner (I-Wisconsin)
Sammy Garrit (I-Michigan)
Michael Gaul (Conservative-Georgia)
Davian Gekman (I-New Jersey)
Jennifer Gillis (I-California)
Nick Gray (WI-Michigan)
Matt Guilland (I-Illinois)
Johnny Gwin (I-Alabama)
Antony Handal (I-Texas)
Casey Hardison (I-Wyoming)
Jason Hershey (WI-Washington)
Maximillian Hill (I-New York)
Bradley Horges Jr (WI-Illinois)
Jaha "Jay" Hughes (I-Georgia)
Robert Humphrey (I-Maryland)
Princess Khadijah Jacob-Fambro (I-California)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (I-Florida)

Mohammad Kabir (American Governance Party-New Jersey)
Andrew Kantor (I-New Jersey)
Raoul Kennedy (I-Nevada)
Bruce Kenneway (WI-Maine)
David Klotzbuecher (I-Florida)
Chad Knight (I-Michigan)
Dan Knight (I-Illinois)
Ryan Kocak (I-Arizona)
William Lambert (I-Tennessee)
Mike Ledbetter (WI-Texas)
John Manda III (I-Arizona)
Paul Manion (I-Michigan)
Toby Martini (I-Florida)
Mike Martisko (I-Pennsylvania)
James Mauhili III (WI-Pennsylvania)
Phil McCraken (I-Arizona)
Robin Mitchell (I-Colorado)
Ian Netupsky (I-North Carolina)
Scott Palmer (WI-Indiana)
Nicholas Parham (I-Louisiana)
Craig Paxson (I-Tennessee)
Pamela M. Pinkney Butts (I-Ohio)
Matthew Pinnavaia (I-California)
Alander Pulliam (I-California)
Peter Quaglia (I-Pennsylvania)
Eliud Resendez (I-Texas)
Tina Rose (I-Indiana)
Marc Rosenkrans (I-Hawaii)
Juan Rullan (WI-Puerto Rico)
Ahmad Saide (I-Florida)
Brent Schoenfelder (WI-New Jersey)
Frank Scurlock (I-Louisiana)
Peter Sharma (WI-New Mexico)
Kritie Shaver (I-Missouri)
Silvia Staff (I-Florida)
Barbara Stone (People's Party-Florida)
Baronisha Strickland (Human Rights Party-California)
Aaron Taylor (National Socialist Movement-Florida)
Dennis Torii (I-Florida)
Robert Tuxhorn (I-Oregon)
Josh Usera (I-South Dakota)
Arthur Van Houten (WI-Ohio)
Larry Vabpool (WI-Illinois)
Sexy Vegan (WI-California)
Naresh Vissa (I-Florida)
Vince Wallace (I-Texas)
La'Rasha Washington (I-Texas)
Michael Zayas (WI-New York)


C-SPAN: Road to the White House - Information, links and some streaming video events from one of the nation's leading sources of raw political television coverage. Covers the various likely Presidential candidates. Constantly updated.

Ballot Access News - This respected publication -- founded in 1985 by Libertarian activist Richard Winger -- tracks the attempts of third party and independent candidates for various offices to secure ballot access in the 50 states. The site also tracks changes in the law, court challenges and other interesting tidbits of third party news you usually won't find elsewhere. Use this page to stay current on which third party and independent candidates will and won't appear on your state's general election ballot.

Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections - Dave Leip prepared this very informative site, which provides historic voting results from the Presidential general elections of 1860-2020. Covers the vote totals for the major party nominees and the top 2-3 third party nominees in each race. Colorful maps and graphs, too.

Commission on Presidential Debates - Established by leaders of the two major parties to ensure that debates remain a permanent part of every general election, this nonprofit and bipartisan organization sponsored all the general election Presidential debates since 1988. Their controversial and restrictive participation rules largely exclude third party candidates (even the major ones) from participating in these nationally televised debates. - An online museum of Presidential campaign brochures, bumper stickers and key speches from 1960 through the 2020 campaign. A great site for political junkies.

The Living Room Candidate - The American Museum of the Moving Image presents this great online museum of Presidential campaign TV commercials. The ads, which cover every election since 1952 (Ike vs. Stevenson), are an amazing resource.

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